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Migrate from crmsh to pcs

From Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster onwards, pcs is the recommended and supported tool for setting up and managing Corosync/Pacemaker clusters in Ubuntu. This is the final Ubuntu release where crmsh will be supported (but not recommended) so users will have time to migrate away from crmsh.

The migration from crmsh to pcs is not very complex since both have a similar command-line interface (CLI). Here is a direct mapping of some useful commands from crmsh to pcs.

Action crmsh pcs
Show configuration (raw XML) crm configure show xml pcs cluster cib
Show configuration (human-friendly) crm configure show pcs config
Show cluster status crm status pcs status
Put a node in standby mode crm node standby NODE pcs node standby NODE
Remove a node from standby mode crm node online NODE pcs node unstandby NODE
Set cluster property crm configure property PROPERTY=VALUE pcs property set PROPERTY=VALUE
List resource agent classes crm ra classes pcs resource standards
List available resource agents by standard crm ra list ocf `pcs resource agents ocf
List available resource agents by OCF provider crm ra list ocf pacemaker pcs resource agents ocf:pacemaker
List available resource agent parameters crm ra info AGENT pcs resource describe AGENT
Show available fence agent parameters crm ra info stonith:AGENT pcs stonith describe AGENT
Create a resource crm configure primitive NAME AGENT params PARAMETERS pcs resource create NAME AGENT PARAMETERS
Show configuration of all resources crm configure show pcs resource config
Show configuration of one resource crm configure show RESOURCE pcs resource config RESOURCE
Show configuration of fencing resources crm resource status pcs stonith config
Start a resource crm resource start RESOURCE pcs resource enable RESOURCE
Stop a resource crm resource stop RESOURCE pcs resource disable RESOURCE
Remove a resource crm configure delete RESOURCE pcs resource delete RESOURCE
Modify a resource’s instance parameters crm resource param RESOURCE set PARAMETER=VALUE pcs resource update RESOURCE PARAMETER=VALUE
Delete a resource’s instance parameters crm resource param RESOURCE delete PARAMETER pcs resource update RESOURCE PARAMETER=
List current resource defaults crm configure show type:rsc_defaults pcs resource defaults
Set resource defaults crm configure rsc_defaults OPTION=VALUE pcs resource defaults OPTION=VALUE
List current operation defaults crm configure show type:op_defaults pcs resource op defaults
Set operation defaults crm configure op_defaults OPTION=VALUE pcs resource op defaults OPTION=VALUE
Clear fail counts for a resource crm resource cleanup RESOURCE pcs resource cleanup
Create a colocation constraint crm configure colocation NAME INFINITY: RESOURCE_1 RESOURCE_2 pcs constraint colocation add RESOURCE_1 with RESOURCE_2 INFINITY
Create an ordering constraint crm configure order NAME mandatory: RESOURCE_1 RESOURCE_2 pcs constraint order RESOURCE_1 then RESOURCE_2
Create a location constraint crm configure location NAME RESOURCE 50: NODE pcs constraint location RESOURCE prefers NODE=50
Move a resource to a specific node crm resource move RESOURCE NODE pcs resource move RESOURCE NODE
Move a resource away from its current node crm resource ban RESOURCE NODE pcs resource ban RESOURCE NODE
Remove any constraints created by moving a resource crm resource unmove RESOURCE pcs resource clear RESOURCE

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