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Take your models to production
with open source AI

Build enterprise-grade AI projects with secure and supported Canonical MLOps. Develop on your Ubuntu workstation using Charmed Kubeflow or Charmed MLFlow and scale up quickly with open source tooling in every part of your stack.

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Why choose Canonical for Enterprise AI?

  • Reliable experts to speed up your AI journey
  • One vendor to support your AI stack
  • Run your workloads anywhere, including hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Simplified operations with lifecycle management and automation
  • Simple per node subscription

Develop artificial intelligence projects on any environment

Ubuntu: the OS of choice for data scientists

Develop machine learning models on Ubuntu workstations and benefit from management tooling and security patches.

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Move beyond experimentation with machine learning operations (MLOps)

MLOps is the short term for machine learning operations and it stands for a set of practices that aim to simplify workflow processes and automate machine learning and deep learning deployments.

MLOps is an approach that enables you to deploy and maintain models reliably and efficiently for production, at a large scale.

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Open source MLOps tooling

Charmed Kubeflow

Develop and deploy models with automated workflows. Charmed Kubeflow is an end-to-end MLOps platform designed to run AI at scale. It is the foundation of Canonical MLOps and seamlessly integrates with other big data and machine learning tools.

Charmed MLflow

Track your experiments and get a better overview of your model catalogue. Charmed MLFlow is an open source platform used for managing machine learning workloads. It integrates with other MLOps tools to cover different functions of the machine learning lifecycle.

Charmed Spark

Simply the best way to run SparkĀ®, whether on the cloud or in your data centre. Runs on Kubernetes. Includes a fully supported distribution of Apache Spark.

Charmed OpenSearch

Charmed OpenSearch simplifies the operations of your favourite search and analytics suite. In addition, OpenSearch provides an integrated vector database that can support AI systems by serving as a knowledge base.

Run AI at scale with Canonical and NVIDIA

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA DGX, Charmed Kubeflow improves the performance of AI workflows, by using the hardware to its maximum extent and accelerating project delivery. Charmed Kubeflow can significantly speed up model training, especially when coupled with DGX systems.

  • Quick deployment
  • Run the entire ML lifecycle
  • Composable architectures
  • Reproducibility, portability, scalability

Read our joint whitepaper ›

Use modular platforms to run AI at the edge or in large clouds

Production-grade projects require a solution that enables scalability, reproducibility and portability. Canonical MLOps speeds up AI project timelines, giving you:

  • The same experience on any cloud, whether private or public
  • Low-ops, streamlined lifecycle management
  • A modular and open source suite for reusable deployments

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Open source AI services

Managed Canonical MLOps

Focus on building production grade models, while Canonical experts manage the infrastructure underneath.

  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • High availability

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AI consulting

Work with our experts to understand your data better and deliver on your use case.

  • Data exploration workshop
  • Canonical MLOps deployment
  • MLOps workshop
  • PoC-based

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Looking for Kubeflow support? Work with our team to get support for any cloud environment or CNCF-complaint Kubernetes distribution.

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Open source AI resources

University of Tasmania (UTAS) modernised its space-tracking data processing with the Firmus Supercloud, built on Canonical's open infrastructure stack.

Learn how to take models to production using open source MLOps platforms.

Learn how to scale AI projects using hardware that's designed for AI workloads and certified software.

Choosing a suitable machine learning tool can often be challenging. Understand the differences between the most famous open source solutions.