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The full Ubuntu experience, now available on Windows

Access the power of a full Ubuntu terminal environment on Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Streamline web application development, leverage cutting-edge AI/ML tooling, develop cross-platform applications and manage IT infrastructure without leaving Windows.

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Develop with the best of both worlds

The freedom of Ubuntu

Run your choice of Linux text editors, including vim, emacs, and nano. Install applications, compilers and libraries from the Ubuntu repository, securely maintained by Canonical.

Highly performant AI/ML

Ubuntu is the target platform for all major open source AI/ML frameworks. NVIDIA Data Science Stack lets you maximise the performance of your Data Science and Machine Learning projects on top of native Windows NVIDIA drivers.

Fully flexible web applications

Build, test, and deploy Kubernetes clusters on Windows. Develop in WSL using native Windows IDEs including VS Code and IntelliJ. Use containers to improve your workflow and benefit from full NodeJS and Ruby support.

Ideal for cross-platform development

Create and test your CI/CD pipelines locally on an Ubuntu WSL instance. When ready, publish to a cloud production environment running Ubuntu VMs. Develop and test graphical Linux applications using WSLg and development frameworks like Flutter or React Native.

Critical tools for security specialists

Leverage Linux security tools to test and harden your network. Achieve the same first-class, out-of-the-box, compliant security that is synonymous with Ubuntu.

Mixed IT infrastructure management

From the same workstation, manage mixed Linux and Windows infrastructure both on-prem and across public clouds.

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If you have further questions around Ubuntu on WSL or want to share your experiences, join the conversation on the Ubuntu Discourse.

If you want to hear more about the benefits of securing Ubuntu on WSL at your organisation, please get in touch.