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ROS Expanded Security Maintenance

Same great ROS. More security updates.

What is ROS ESM?

Whether you want to be compliant with cybersecurity regulations, win more time before your migration, or reduce operational expenses, ROS ESM is here to make your work easier.

Robot Operating System Expanded Security Maintenance (ROS ESM) is a service by Canonical that provides security maintenance for ROS Long Term Support (LTS) releases and the underlying Ubuntu distributions, starting with ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04.

This includes the underlying Ubuntu system and more than 23,000 packages from the Ubuntu Universe repository.

ROS ESM is available with an Ubuntu Pro subscription.

ROS ESM security coverage


More than 600 packages for ROS 1 Kinetic and Melodic and ROS 2 Foxy. Other ROS distributions will be added.


An additional 23,000+ packages in the Ubuntu Universe repository for 10 years.


2,300 packages in the Ubuntu Main repo supported for 5 years after EOL.

ROS distributions available today in ROS ESM:


A few of the 23,000 packages included in Ubuntu Universe:

A few of the 2,300 packages included in Ubuntu Main:

Security maintenance
you can trust

Prevent the risks of running unpatched and unmaintained ROS versions for your robot, company and customers. Risks that increase when working with End-Of-Life (EOL) ROS distributions or dependencies.

With ROS ESM, you can count on backports for critical security updates, common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) fixes and bug fixes for ROS and the Ubuntu base OS. Our security experts follow a standardised process to identify vulnerabilities and create and test security patches.

With ROS ESM, keeping core ROS packages secure is a fast and straightforward process.

ROS ESM and more benefits with your Ubuntu Pro subscription

  Ubuntu LTS Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only) Ubuntu Pro
Kernel Livepatch No Yes Yes
Systems management at scale with Landscape No Yes Yes
Real time kernel No Yes Yes
NIST-certified FIPS crypto-modules No Yes Yes
USG hardening with CIS and DISA-STIG profiles No Yes Yes
Common Criteria EAL2 No Yes Yes


Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro today

Small fleet of devices?

If you have a few units to cover with ESM, we recommend you to purchase ROS ESM directly by getting an Ubuntu Pro subscription.

Get Ubuntu Pro

Large fleet of devices?

If you have a large fleet of devices or need to support estates that grow over time, joining Canonical's Embedding Programme might be a better option.

It will not only grant you access to the Ubuntu Pro subscription but also apply a beneficial discount-based model.

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