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ROS Kinetic End-Of-Life

Keep your robots secure with ROS ESM

ROS Kinetic, one of the most popular ROS releases, has been available since 2016 - with many roboticists adopting it for building and deploying robots and autonomous systems. However, by the end of April 2021, both ROS Kinetic and its primary platform - Ubuntu Xenial - will reach End of Life. Should you care?

End of Life means the end of security updates and common vulnerabilities exposures (CVE) fixes for both distributions. Security updates are strict requirements to keep your robot compliant with common consensus frameworks of foundational security controls, and even more importantly, to protect your robot from compromise.

This webinar explains the implications to robotics developers from a security perspective, and introduces ROS ESM, a Hardened ROS with 10 year security from Open Robotics and Canonical.

To help us explore this, Sid Faber, our security expert and head of the robotics team at Canonical, will join us!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the implications of ROS Kinetic EOL
  • Why security compliance for robots matters
  • What comprises ESM for ROS

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