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Ubuntu for the Internet of Things

Whether you are using classic Ubuntu or our optimised version for IoT and edge, we have a trusted operating system that enables you to speed up time to market and scale your business with confidence.

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Why Ubuntu?

  • 10 years of security updates as the standard
  • Real-time optimised or low latency kernel
  • Robust OTA update infrastructure for global scalability
  • Optimised custom commercial images for the edge
  • Secure boot and full disk encryption

Discover Ubuntu IoT in your industry

Industrial ›

Ubuntu Core runs in multiple industrial environments today, from factory floors to healthcare appliances and food production.

How real-time Linux accelerates industrial transformation ›

Smart home ›

Supporting the Matter standard as a member of the CSA. Explore smart home applications available on the Snap Store to build your next smart home project.

Matter on Ubuntu: get started with the standard for smart home devices ›

Digital signage ›

A small footprint and full OpenGL make Ubuntu Core the perfect platform for secure digital signs. Try Ubuntu Frame, a reliable and secure display server for embedded Linux devices with long term support.

Guide to developing GUIs for IoT ›

Automotive ›

Trusted by major automotive companies, Canonical delivers a full suite of open source solutions and services to deliver security, safety and innovation for digital transformation in automotive.

A CTO's guide to software-defined vehicles ›

Smart city ›

Canonical has a wide portfolio of products. Each of them play a role in bringing open source technologies to the cities of the future.

A guide on how to solve the top 5 IoT challenges ›

Robotics ›

Develop, deploy and maintain your fleet of robots with Ubuntu and ROS. We work with a wide range of robotics institutions, from education to manufacturing.

Choose the right OS for your robot ›

Trusted by

Our products

Building your IoT business is a journey, develop your application with the Ubuntu you know and love, package your application using Snaps, deploy your devices using Ubuntu Core, manage them with a dedicated Snap Store and certify your hardware to ensure maximum reliability.


Ubuntu is a solid foundation for all software development and the OS of choice for developers.

Ubuntu Pro is a comprehensive subscription on top of Ubuntu that gives you confidence in your full open source stack. Benefit from 10 years of security maintenance with automated security patches at scale, access real time capabilities optimised for embedded devices, and ensure uptime and minimal time to remediation.

Learn more about Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is our open source operating system designed for IoT and edge, with the strong security model you've come to expect from Ubuntu. Core is used by IoT start-ups and large enterprises, with huge fleets of devices in the field today.

Ubuntu Core uses the same kernel, libraries, and system software as classic Ubuntu, resulting in a smooth transition to production, and includes Ubuntu Pro as the standard.

Learn more about Ubuntu Core

Smart Start

Ensure the success of your application packaging on Ubuntu

Enjoy Snapcraft 101 training, snap store services, device fees and support for one year for up to 1,000 devices and much more as part of our smart start service. Find out more about what's included here.

Device Enablement

Your own production-grade image in our testing infrastructure

Our Enablement services allow you to get a production-grade Ubuntu image for your device, while our Maintenance services guarantee that any security update won't break your device.

Dedicated Snap Store

Develop your applications privately in an enterprise Store

Canonical's IoT App Store enables you to host and manage software updates for your devices. It provides a trusted update infrastructure, including reliable over-the-air updates, secure authentication, CI/CD integration, and more.

Certified Hardware

Certify your hardware for guaranteed support

Canonical enables hundreds of devices every year, offering certified hardware to users. Bring Ubuntu to your device and ensure every component will be supported by future Ubuntu releases.

Ready to find out more? Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your business and help us find the right product for you.

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From prototype to production on all major platforms

Ubuntu Certified devices are tested for reliability and performance, ensuring you have the best out-of-the-box Ubuntu experience.

We perform regular testing directly on the hardware throughout the lifecycle of the Ubuntu release for which it has been certified. We work directly with a number of silicon partners to ensure the best hardware certification.

Discover all certified hardware

IoT professional services

Our expert technical teams offer full enablement, customisation and development to ensure that taking your devices to market is fast, scalable and seamless. You can focus on your applications, we handle the rest, including full support and technical workshops.

Pricing and packages Learn more about IoT Professional Services ›

Ready to innovate?

Whether you are a startup bringing your concept to market or already have large fleets of devices deployed in the field, we have the expertise and infrastructure to launch and support you.

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