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Reduce development cost for the open source smart home with Ubuntu

Shorter development cycles, effortless maintenance

Product development for the smart home comes with unique challenges: margins can be thin, and time-to-market is critical. Canonical can provide the support and security maintenance you need so your team can focus on developing world-class products.

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Free up resources

Security update issues are a thing of the past with Canonical's support. Let your developers focus on the application instead of maintenance.

Start development earlier

With existing support for dozens of the most popular IoT chips, and board support offered as a service, you can start developing on Ubuntu now, and move to your final hardware when it's ready.

Have confidence in your OTAs

Over-the-air updates always have an element of risk. With Ubuntu Core you have the assurance that a failed update will never affect your device.

Universal compatibility

Devices that speak a common language

Canonical recently announced its membership in the Connectivity Standards Alliance and its upcoming support for the Matter standard. Sign up to receive smart home and IoT news.

Secure, resilient, low-touch

Data privacy assured

Keep customer data safe with Snaps. Applications in Ubuntu Core are fully confined, so security threats in one application can't affect other parts of the system.

Continuous security updates

As soon as vulnerabilities become known, security patches are delivered to each device in your fleet. Our Expanded Security Maintenance offering for Ubuntu Core is active for up to ten years. You don't have to worry about CVEs, we keep your security debt at zero.

Fleet management through the snap store

Get fine-grained control on OTAs. Roll out delta updates gradually, with the confidence of automatic rollback. Know that each version of each application on every device has been tested together with validation sets.

How to develop your open source smart home application

  1. Get started with any development kit

    Ubuntu supports a large library of hardware out of the box, and Canonical provides board support as a service. This means you can start your development before your hardware is finalised, with the confidence that your application will run smoothly on the final product.

  2. Find the building blocks of your application in the Snap Store

    The Snap Store includes a huge collection of open source projects that can be seamlessly integrated into your application. Each snap comes with the same level of OTA and revision control you have for your own application.

  3. Snap your application or let us do the heavy lifting

    Getting started with Snap is a breeze. Canonical is on this journey with you, and can give you the assurance that your project won't hit roadblocks down the line. When you're ready to put all the pieces together, we're here to help.

  4. Port to certified hardware or get support for custom boards

    Once your hardware is ready, it's easy to move your application from the development board to your production hardware. There is a library of hardware that comes pre-certified for Ubuntu, and Canonical is here to help with more customised use cases.