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Rocks Community

The Rocks Community is your hub for exploring Ubuntu Rocks and everything “containers”. Whether you’re a seasoned Rockcraft user or Chisel enthusiast, this community is an inclusive space for learning, sharing, and connecting with fellow Ubuntu container developers.


Matrix Join our community space at Newcomers are encouraged to introduce themselves in the general chatroom ( and browse the community space for other useful rooms.
Discourse Important events and announcements are posted, in their long format, at These may also be cross-referenced in Matrix.
NOTE: Discourse is not being used for technical support.
Blog Articles about Ubuntu containers:


The Rocks Community has a public calendar (ics) you can subscribe to, in order to be up to date with all community meetings and events!

Fortnightly office hours

Called the “Starcraft Clinics”, this meeting takes place every two weeks and joins forces with the developers and users of Rockcraft and other craft tools (like Snapcraft and Charmcraft). Everyone is welcome to come over and discuss issues with the crafts. This is an opportunity to get some face-to-face time with the experts and work together through those issues.

Time: every two Fridays, at 3 pm CET

Monthly meetings

These are general-purpose meetings that take place once a month. Everyone is welcome to join and share their work, discuss containers and propose features.

Time: every last Tuesday of the month, at 1 pm UTC
Meeting agenda and notes:


Rocks Community Council

The primary governing body which is responsible for the community’s processes
and structure.

Name Contact
Cristovao Cordeiro (@cjdc @cjdcordeiro)
Sergio Schvezov (@sergiusens @sergiusens)

Rocks Technical Board

Tech-savvy community members who are responsible for making difficult technical

Name Contact
Tiago Nobrega (@tigarmo @tigarmo)
Anas El Husseini (@linostar @linostar)


As part of their community governance responsibilities, the members of the Rocks Community Council also have the authority to appoint and veto memberships.


See how to Be Part of the Rocks Community.

Additional Resources

The community landing page, where more details, instructions and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at the Rocks Community Playground.

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