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How-to rename or delete a room

If you are thinking about deleting and re-creating a room, please note that in most cases you can adjust settings in a way that you’ll get the same end result without recreating the room.

How to rename a room

  1. Renaming a room will not actually require users to do anything. The room addresses are simply labels that are applied to the physical room.
  2. Go to the settings. If the room is published, unpublish it from the room directory
  3. In the “Local Addresses” section, add new local alias, mark it as primary. Then you can remove all aliases that you’d like to get rid of.

NOTE: This is a per-homeserver setting, so if you have an account, you can only add/remove aliases. If you’d like to add/remove an alias on a different homeserver like, get a room admin with an account on that server to do it.

  1. If you’ve changed the main address, promote the new main address for the room
  2. If you’ve published the room prior, do so again. Note that if you change the homeserver suffix in the main address, it will be published to that homeserver instead.

How to delete a room

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Unpublish the room from the room directory. An admin with an account on the homeserver of the main room address needs to do this
  3. Remove all local aliases for the room, across all homeservers
  4. In room settings > Security & Privacy > Access, select “Private (invite only)”
  5. Kick everyone out that you can. You can’t kick out people at the same permissions level, these folks will have to leave or demote themselves
  6. Take a final look to see if everything is clean and close the door behind you

How to redirect people to another room

  1. The simple version is simply inviting them to the new room and then shutting down the old room using the steps above.
  2. The hard version requires sending a so-called “tombstone event”. It requires a command-line client or using CURL requests with your token. While this event is usually meant for room upgrades, it can also be used to determine a new room where the conversation continues. There are guides on how to do this on the internet. Be careful, you don’t want to lose everyone in the room

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