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Driving digital transformation in automotive

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Unlock the benefits of secure, supported open source solutions for your automotive company's digital transformation.

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Adopt open source securely
in automotive

Canonical is shaping the future of the automotive industry with open source technology and strong partnerships with leading companies in the sector.

We ensure that our products meet your strict requirements in safety, security and maintenance. Our goal is to enable you to focus on innovation and differentiation.

Protect against cyberattacks

All of our products benefit from robust protection against cyberattacks by providing over-the-air CVE patches and state-of -the-art encryption.

Maintenance and reliability

With a track record of use in public clouds, our products are trusted by companies that require minimal downtime and seamless updates.

Uphold the strictest safety standards

We are actively working on functional safety compliance based on the ISO26262 standard's strict requirements.


The automotive leader's guide to 2024 trends

Dive deep into the latest trends shaping the automotive sector. From electric vehicles and connectivity to data security and mobility services, gain insights and actionable strategies to propel your company towards success.

A CTO's guide to software-defined vehicles

Explore solutions to SDV challenges such as increased cybersecurity risks, software fragmentation and costs. Learn how open source technologies can streamline operations, cut costs, enhance platforms and strengthen cybersecurity without sacrificing innovation.

The impact of new ownership habits and mobility trends

Get ready for a shift in vehicle ownership patterns, fuelled by digital natives who seek convenient and eco-friendly ways to travel. Find alternatives to traditional car ownership, unlock fresh revenue streams, and monetise advanced technology offerings for connected vehicles.


Security and real-time Linux
in a shifting automotive world

Watch the webinar about the best practices, emerging threats and innovative technologies that can be used to secure your future in-vehicle ECUs.

Learn how IT solutions and technologies can help bridge the gap between the traditional automotive industry approaches and the best software practices.

From our blog

Canonical is proud to join the Eclipse Foundation's Software Defined Vehicle working group.

Canonical joins SOAFEE SIG

Canonical is part of the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) Special Interest Group, which contributes to the development of a safe, secure and software-defined automotive future.

Elektrobit and Canonical announce EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu

Canonical and EB are thrilled to reveal EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu, a solution that is tailored specifically for demanding automotive applications.

In the media

Automotive World

Driving the future: Why open-source is key in a world of software-defined cars

Processing power requirements will require a seismic shift in the way OEMs work, writes Bertrand Boisseau.


Why open source is the best road ahead for the software-defined car

Automakers need the flexibility and scalability that open-source collaboration is famous for to develop the software-defined cars of today and the future.


Greater cloud adoption, better security and connected cars – 5G predictions for 2023

The importance of 5G for internet infrastructure is widely recognised, but the effects of the pandemic have hindered progress in this area. What's in store for the future?

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