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The preferred OS for automotive engineers

Find out why automotive developers choose Ubuntu.

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Fastest deployment

Ubuntu offers the fastest prototype to production-ready environment

Better tools. Bigger ecosystem. Broader talent pool.

Leaders choose Ubuntu because autonomous vehicle engineers are more productive with it and have been for years.

Ubuntu is the preferred OS for developers, at 66% of working professionals – and growing.

Choose the OS that is easier for developers to use and attract the best talent.

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Accelerate data science in cars, clusters and clouds

From self-driving vehicles to diagnostics and route planning, Ubuntu is at the heart of the biggest automotive analytics operations.

From Apache Spark and Hadoop to Kubeflow support on bare metal or public clouds. Ubuntu provides more frameworks, languages, libraries and solutions, for faster ML results.

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Long-term support

Canonical offers different Ubuntu versions optimised for flexibility or lightness, depending on your hardware constraints and needs. Ubuntu is built with security in mind and can be deployed very easily on most hardware platforms.

We provide regular updates and upgrades through Long-Term Support (LTS) releases with a schedule you can trust. Ubuntu enables container-based architectures with tools that speed up deployment and management.

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Extended security, extended opportunity

Extend ECU life and lifetime value with platform upgrades for new services and solutions.

Count on Canonical security coverage. Regular updates. Automated testing. Continuous deployment. Progressive releases.

A new world of constant automotive improvement.

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Straightforward compliance

Get trusted provenance for open-source software.

Confidently integrate open-source components into your proprietary solutions.

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