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Logging and Monitoring

Monitoring of the Livepatch server can be most easily done by setting up monitoring on one or more endpoints. Livepatch server exposes two endpoints, in particular, /debug/info and /debug/status, that provide information on the server’s version and the server’s database/related services, respectively. Any monitoring solution can periodically check /debug/info as a liveliness check to ensure the service is running.

The on-prem server also exposes Prometheus text-based formatted metrics available from a /metrics endpoint which can be used to monitor the system.

When deploying with Juju, debug logs from all deployed applications can be obtained with the command juju debug-logs. Increasing the server’s log level can be configured with juju config livepatch log_level=<level> A full list of log levels are available on the charm’s config page.

Further information on the use of juju for logging can be obtained from Juju’s documentation.

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