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Embedded Linux: Yocto or Ubuntu Core

A comparison guide for CTOs


Enterprises are looking to capitalise on the new wave of small form-factor computing and navigate the shift to the edge. Device manufacturers across the world are racing to build embedded, connected devices that will deliver on the promise of the fourth industrial revolution. Many of them are looking to explore data-driven value-chain optimisations, predictive maintenance and or new digital customer experiences.

However, keeping devices in the field up-to-date is a full-time job requiring dedicated kernel engineering teams. When choosing their deployment strategy, device manufacturers must decide whether to roll their own embedded Linux distribution or rely on a commercially-supported OS.

Which embedded Linux distribution to choose?

Our latest whitepaper offers a thorough assessment between Yocto and Ubuntu Core. We will cover:

  • The challenges of managing IoT & edge devices at scale
  • The key security pillars before going to production with embedded Linux
  • The value proposition and pain points of Yocto and Ubuntu Core
  • The architectural differences between Yocto and Ubuntu Core
  • A technical comparison between Yocto and Ubuntu Core

In this extensive primer on choosing an embedded Linux distribution, we will directly contrast Yocto and Ubuntu Core on the most pressing challenges facing any developer working on an embedded device: board bring-up, maintenance, updates, security, and many more.

Prefer video?

Check out our recent webinar Embedded Ubuntu for Devices where we discussed:

  • The challenges of managing IoT and edge devices at scale
  • The key security pillars before going to production with embedded Linux
  • Why Ubuntu Core is the new standard for the embedded world
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