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Model-driven operations: the best way to run enterprise software

Modern software is complex and expensive to run reliably at scale. The setups are complicated and hard to maintain. Time to put structure in the chaos!

Model-driven operations let you save effort and focus by declaratively composing your applications out of reusable, proven and flexible operators and running them smoothly and toil-free.

Juju: The software that drives your software

Juju is the toolkit for model-driven operations. 100% open source. Supports public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud and all types of environments. Juju runs applications on bare-metal, virtual machines and containers with a refreshingly simple, consistent user experience.

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“On rails” critical business applications, services and infrastructure

  • Deploy and maintain complex software stacks without toil and brittle configurations thanks to powerful and easy-to-understand modelling capabilities.
  • Reduce errors by composing reusable operators with years of operational insight built into them.
  • Deploy faster and repeatably with tools designed for end-to-end automation.

The model-driven operator manifesto

Better operators through open community standards

Our goal is to improve DevSecOps with open-source operators for widely used software. These shared values help ensure high-quality code and a healthy community.

Read the Model-driven manifesto

Automate operations everywhere

Public clouds and Multi-cloud

Combine the advantages of public cloud services while enjoying long-term cost savings, increased flexibility and reduced vendor lock-in.

Bare metal and virtual machines

Provide to your users a cloud-like experience while retaining full ownership over your data centres.

Containers and orchestration

Quickly package and deploy entire applications side-by-side with one another. Juju works seamlessly across Kubernetes, virtual machines and bare-metal servers.

A vibrant ecosystem, one deploy command away


A curated set of tools to help you build your Kubernetes clusters from the ground up, and deliver ‘containers as a service’ across the enterprise.


A fully integrated and optimised combination of the latest release of Ubuntu Server and the latest release of OpenStack.


Out-of-the-box observability with the Logs, Metrics and Alerts (LMA 2) stack, powered by Juju and running natively on Kubernetes.

Machine Learning

Streamline and accelerate your MLOps with Charmed Kubeflow, the most popular open-source data science platform for any cloud. Train your team once to work anywhere.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Open Source MANO (OSM) offers a generic approach to network functions management and orchestration using network functions virtualisation (NFV) technology tailored to cut costs for telecommunications service providers.

Data Platform

From relational data to data lake, today’s most popular open-source data management solutions are ready to power the model-driven operations of your applications.

Model-driven operations power world-class infrastructure

JAAS: Managed Juju infrastructure, hosted by Canonical

JAAS is the best way to quickly model and deploy your cloud-based applications. Create, configure and host your applications on the public cloud directly from your browser or the command line. Concentrate on your software and solutions with a fully managed Juju infrastructure.

Get started with JAAS

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Juju Tutorials: tutorials cover ground from the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager to creating a Charmed Operator with the SDK, packaging it as a Charm, publishing it to Charmhub, and to using charmed products such as Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka, and much much more.

Juju Community: Join the conversation on Discourse and Mattermost. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Juju Blogs: All the latest news on Juju – the open-source application modelling tool for public and private clouds. Start reading the post on model-driven observability.

As the community gets together to share knowledge and push forward ideas and tech around K8s, we’ve been taking the past few KubeCon events as an opportunity to host workshops, community brainstorms, and industry leader presentations through a live, interactive virtual event – the Operator Day.

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