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Virtualisation on edge gateways

Edge gateways provide key infrastructure for the digital transformation industrial operations

Ubuntu delivers long-term security, along with the flexibility to deploy various types of applications, platforms and protocols to the edge though virtualisation.

Companies that have built their gateways on Ubuntu

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State of the art security for business critical equipment

Several layers of security are stacked in Ubuntu Core to keep potential surfaces of attack as low as reasonably possible for autonomous robots deployed in field of operations.

Ubuntu Core is the most secure choice for IoT, find out why ›

Full encryption, disk and network

Only software packages from trusted developers and vendors will be installed to your gateways. Installed software will be immutable and application data fully encrypted. Furthermore, messages exchanged over the network will be encrypted. It will neither be possible to install malicious software nor to eavesdrop your network communications.

Self-confined containers

Applications running on your gateways will be virtualised and confined to their own environments. This adds an additional layer of security, preventing anomalies from spreading through the system. The full isolation of processes and their associated data makes localisation and resolution of anomalies easy.

Zero security debt

We introduce continuous upgrades without machine downtime to the manufacturing sector.Security patches will be delivered to your gateways as soon as vulnerabilities are become known. Our expanded security maintenance offering for Ubuntu Core is active for ten years. You will not have to worry about CVEs. We will keep your security debt at zero.

As companies continue to embrace Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, security and quick, easy system updates are critical

Jason Shepherd, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, IoT, Dell.

Leverage the strongest developers community

80% of Linux developers choose Ubuntu. Find talents and technical support will be easiest with Ubuntu.

#1 Linux distribution for IoT

Largest pool of talent

Developers love Ubuntu. By adopting the most popular Linux distribution, you can leverage the strong community of developers, vendors and system integrators familiar Ubuntu.

Open source software

Complex software is increasingly collaborative and open source. This was our philosophy from the beginning. Harness the power of our open source software and build on top of contributions from the community. Build on your own, or seek our help. We will support you.

Gateways for new business models

Build an ecosystem around your hardware: partner with developers, vendors and system integrator.

Watch the app store for Linux webinar

Enabling platform ecosystems

Our brand stores will allow you to commercialise your gateways in a way that was not possible before. You will tie in multiple suppliers and distributors to your product ecosystem.

Learn more about the Snap store ›

Software-defined monetisation

Public and private app stores unlock new avenues for monetisation. Earn recurring revenue, upsell add-ons to your users, distribute software from other vendors, or create platform ecosystems around your robots.

Learn more about brand stores ›

Optimised for industry 4.0

The complexity of deploying industrial protocols and making them interoperable is drastically reduced with Ubuntu.

Bespoke for the edge

Light footprint

Ubuntu can be streamlined to meet the exact requirement of underlying hardware and applications, thereby optimising footprint.

Cloud integration

Ubuntu provides native tools and APIs for controlling and monitoring remote devices securely through the cloud.

Modular architecture

Snap packages enable a containerised architecture for IoT stacks. Software components can easily be orchestrated to create smart applications at the edge.



Snaps facilitate system integration thanks to their portability and reusability. Transactionally updated packages enable cost-effective maintenance for complex installations.


Docker containers complement snap packages to deliver full flexibility in the development and deployment of applications at the edge.


Single node Kubernetes packaged in a snap, can be deployed to edge gateways in order to orchestrate containers running a variety of IoT services.

Connectivity out of the box

Short range

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Zigbee

Long range

  • Cellular (2G, 3G, LTE, 5G)
  • LoRa
  • Sigfox

For all types of platforms

Ubuntu gives full flexibility to deploy IoT platforms of your choice in a snap.

AWS Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass seamlessly extends AWS to edge devices so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage.

AWS Greengrass in the Snap store

Eclipse Kura

Eclipse Kura™ is an OSGi-based Application Framework for M2M Service Gateways.

Kura in the Snap store

EdgeX Foundry

EdgeX Foundry is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation building a common open framework for IoT edge computing.

EdgeX in the Snap store

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A small footprint and full OpenGL make Ubuntu Core the perfect platform for secure digital signs.

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