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How to migrate from VMware to Ubuntu-based infrastructure

What to expect and how to prepare for a seamless migration

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Register below. Recent changes at VMware have compelled existing customers to consider VMware alternatives. Many have turned their eyes to open source. However, migrating from VMware is not an easy task, and it will involve some changes in how you’re managing your infrastructure.

You might’ve joined our previous webinar where we talked about open-source solutions as an alternative to VMware software. In this follow-up webinar, we will go into more depth. We will compare the features and discuss the differences between VMware and Ubuntu-based infrastructure, and then dive into a few example migration scenarios. The migration process and tooling are also very dependent on the kind of workloads you are running, as well as what kind of platform you want to migrate to. We will examine the migration of larger scale VMWare to OpenStack, as well as smaller scale VMware to our Micro cloud offering.

We will also discuss potential issues that can occur during migration due to the differences in the features and architecture, and how to overcome them. You can also utilise the migration as an opportunity to modernise your workloads, and ensure you are not dragging your outdated legacy systems into the future along with the high costs of maintaining them. We will briefly touch upon this topic as well.

In this session, we will cover:

  • What are the components of Ubuntu-based infrastructure
  • VMware vs Ubuntu: a feature comparison
  • How to ensure a successful migration