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Scaling on Azure with Ubuntu Pro

Scale your open-source infrastructure with speed, security, and compliance

Ubuntu is the go-to platform for open-source innovation for good reasons. It works everywhere. It accelerates development and testing. And it’s future-ready. So it’s no wonder that up to 70% of virtual machines running in the public cloud run on Ubuntu. Still, scaling production with

Ubuntu while maintaining security can be challenging for any enterprise.

Help is here. Ubuntu Pro for Azure and Microsoft Azure let you confidently scale your open-source infrastructure with speed, reliability, and support for superior performance at an enterprise-grade level.

Ubuntu Pro for Azure is the premium AMI designed by Canonical to provide additional coverage for production environments running in the cloud. It includes security and compliance services for small to large-scale Linux enterprise operations — with no contract needed.

In the Canonical e-book, “Optimized scaling in the cloud: new ways Ubuntu and Microsoft Azure drive speed, reliability, and security”, learn how Ubuntu on Azure can help your organization overcome open-source development and IT challenges by enabling:

  • Faster innovation without sacrificing compliance
  • Secure and efficient management of workloads
  • Ease in managing a variety of tooling requirements and package support
  • Long-term support for cloud workloads

Download the e-book