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Enterprise Kubernetes use cases: 4 real-world stories

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Challenges and success stories in cloud native transformation

Despite a massive adoption of Kubernetes and cloud native technologies during recent years, studies report that Kubernetes is yet to cross the chasm of enterprise adoption. Nevertheless, there are enterprise success stories in the field, where businesses have transformed their infrastructure and application estate leveraging the cloud native landscape. This webinar uncovers the stories of four interesting businesses that achieved faster time to market, lower service cost, elasticity and agility, and more by running Kubernetes efficiently. Sign up today to learn the real-world success stories with Kubernetes.

Kubernetes strategy and best practices

There are common patterns and best practices across different verticals to be successful with Kubernetes adoption and everything starts with setting the appropriate business goals. Canonical is helping businesses in various industries, such as Telco, FinServ, Human Resources and the public sector to define the right cloud native strategy and implement a fully open source solution tailored to their needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a Tier-1 US carrier significantly reduced costs by migrating to Kubernetes on-prem
  • How a company from the FinServ sector transformed their infrastructure to achieve multi-cloud workload portability
  • How a Fortune 250 HR software services business migrated their Kubernetes to an open infrastructure to achieve significant cost reductions
  • How a public sector organization used Kubernetes to comply with strict governmental regulations while improving their service uptime

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