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Firmus builds a supercloud with Canonical

Cloud sustainability redefined with ultra-efficient data centre powered by grid connected renewable energy

The benefits of cloud need not come at the cost of the environment

Cloud data centres are some of the most egregious offenders when it comes to emissions and environmental impact. With demand for cloud computing rising exponentially, overcoming climate challenges requires a fundamental change in data centre technology – and Firmus has the answer. Built around a uniquely efficient immersion cooling system, powered by majority renewable energy, and leveraging open-source solutions, Firmus’ Supercloud sets a new precedent for sustainable public clouds.

In addition to scalability, Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes will deliver the automation that Firmus needs to manage, update, and secure its public cloud seamlessly. What’s more, combining the Canonical solutions with other leading-edge technology, such as Nvidia GPUs, will ensure that Supercloud can provide a highly performant service capable of supporting even the most demanding AI workloads.

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