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Reduce your storage costs with cloud adjacent storage

When it comes to flexibility, there is no doubt that public clouds provide an almost perfect solution. However, public clouds were popularized on a model of dynamic demand, which doesn’t always match the usage pattern of storage. Data sets typically increase over time and can become cost-prohibitive to use with other cloud services or to migrate other cloud providers. The concept of cloud adjacent storage can help enterprises reduce their storage costs, and open themselves up to multi-cloud freedom by hosting their data adjacent to multiple public clouds.

Cloud adjacent storage with Ceph

In this webinar, we will discuss hosting your data in near-cloud locations, that afford you full control over your data, and the flexibility to use that data in whichever cloud provider you so wish. We will also cover how you can utilize open-source technologies like Ceph in this operational model.

We will cover the following:

  • Cloud storage challenges
  • Cloud storage economics
  • Cloud adjacent storage
  • Using open source Charmed Ceph
  • Managed Operations