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GMO Pepabo & Ubuntu

GMO Pepabo cuts OPEX costs with live kernel patching and saves 2,500 hours of manual work

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As a web-hosting company, GMO Pepabo delivers consumer-targeted internet services, including domain registration, web hosting, ecommerce support and a customer to customer (C2C) marketplace for handmade products. With so many companies depending on its services, GMO Pepabo cannot afford downtime to its mission-critical workloads.

With around 80 physical servers running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, GMO Pepabo benefits from regular, free security updates delivered by Canonical. These patches ensure that the enterprise’s systems are protected against potential vulnerabilities — however, applying critical kernel updates typically requires rebooting the servers. With multiple people assigned to migrating workloads while machines are rebooted for kernel security fixes, GMO Pepabo realised they needed a more time-efficient and less costly process.

Livepatch is a perfect fit for our needs. There’s no other solution like it, and it’s highly cost-effective.

Shinya Tsunematsu, Senior Engineering Lead of Tech Division, GMO Pepabo

As a result, GMO Pepabo turned to Canonical’s Livepatch — part of Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure — to automatically apply the latest kernel updates and security fixes without rebooting servers. Patching is completed in microseconds with no interruption to ongoing workloads.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How adopting Livepatch eliminates the need to allocate in-house resources to migrating workloads in order to patch servers
  • How ESM will ensure continued security for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS after end-of-life
  • How GMO Pepabo are now looking at MicroK8s to enable Kubernetes on smaller data centres and servers
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