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Staying compliant while delivering innovation in government services

How Ubuntu Pro FIPS on Microsoft Azure gives government agencies and contractors new ways to control costs and boost innovation while maintaining FIPS compliance.

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Whether it’s in Education, Taxation or Defence, government agencies and their contractors are faced with a triple challenge to continually deliver innovative services, control IT costs and maintain system security and compliance.

The traditional model of using on-prem private infrastructure or licensed products, like Red Hat’s solutions, to gain FIPS compliance has proven costly and limited. It doesn’t allow government agencies and contractors to stay in control of costs and meet compliance standards while freeing development and DevOps teams to innovate rapidly.

This trade-off has been a challenge for agencies and contractors that have witnessed first-hand the rapid uptake of digital government services in 2020. This whitepaper unpacks a solution that allows organisations to overcome these challenges - Ubuntu Pro FIPS on Microsoft Azure. Combining the simplicity of Ubuntu with the scalability of Azure, it marries these multiple objectives and squares the circle for government agencies and contractors.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • More on the cost efficiency, compliance and innovation delivery expectations placed on agencies and contractors
  • The issues DevOps, DevSecOps, Compliance, Operations and Procurement teams face with meeting FIPS compliance
  • How to scale at a lower cost, stay secure and compliant and foster innovation with Ubuntu Pro FIPS on Azure

Download our latest whitepaper to see how Ubuntu Pro ensures FIPS compliance and cost control, or try it now and upgrade to Ubuntu Pro FIPS 18.04 LTS on Azure

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