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Ubuntu Server for ARM

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS includes support for the very latest ARM-based server systems powered by certified 64-bit processors.

Develop and test using over 50,000 software packages and runtimes — including Go, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby — and deploy at scale using our complete scale-out management suite including MAAS and Juju. Ubuntu delivers server-grade performance on ARM, while fully retaining the reliable and familiar Ubuntu experience.

Ubuntu Server

This is the default ISO image of the Ubuntu Server installer.

Download 24.04 LTS

Ubuntu Server (64k page size)

This ISO image is suited for servers with ample memory running memory-intensive applications.

Download 24.04 LTS (64k page size)

Find out if 64k page size is for you ›

Containers, databases, web
and more

Ubuntu Server for ARM includes everything you are looking for in a server operating system, including:

  • The LXD container hypervisor, giving you instant access to isolated, secured environments running with bare-metal performance.
  • Application container technology based on Docker and Kubernetes, including FAN-based networking.
  • SQL and NoSQL databases including CouchDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and SQLite.
  • A wide collection of web technologies, from HTTP servers to frameworks including Apache, Django, memcached, Nginx, WordPress and Varnish.

Commercially supported and ready to deploy today

Pair your ARM server deployment with enterprise-grade 24/7 support with Ubuntu Pro to get the SLA-backed assurance that you are fully covered by our system and architecture experts — no matter what comes up.

Built for cutting-edge hardware, from the HP Moonshot range to standard form-factor certified systems, Ubuntu and ARM Server provide truly compelling economics for cloud-scale deployment.

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Get started with Ubuntu today

Installation guides

For help with installing Ubuntu on an ARM-based platform, check out our step-by-step installation guides.

ARM guides ›

Professional support for Ubuntu

Get professional support for Ubuntu from Canonical. We help organisations around the world to manage their Ubuntu cloud, server and desktop deployments.

Ubuntu Pro ›

Helping hands

If you get stuck, help is always at hand.

Ubuntu Discourse

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