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Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS Lands on Google Cloud: Power Up Your Cloud Experience

Exciting news for cloud enthusiasts and developers! Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) is now available on Google Cloud, bringing a robust and secure platform for your cloud workloads. This latest Long Term Support release from Canonical offers a wealth of features and enhancements, making it the perfect choice for building and deploying applications in the cloud.

Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS on Google Cloud: A Match Made in the Cloud

Google Cloud and Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS come together to offer a powerful combination of performance, security, and developer tools. Here are some of the unique benefits you can experience on Google Cloud:

  • Boot Speed Improvements: Enjoy faster boot times with the optimized I/O scheduler, allowing you to get your instances up and running quickly.
  • Seamless Integration: Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud services and tools, simplifying your workflow and enhancing your overall cloud experience.
  • Optimized for Google Cloud Infrastructure: Take advantage of the optimized kernel and configurations, specifically tailored for Google Cloud’s infrastructure, ensuring peak performance and stability for your applications.

Key Features of Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS:

Beyond the Google Cloud-specific benefits, Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS boasts a wide array of exciting features:

  • Performance Engineering Tools: Leverage built-in tools for profiling and debugging, allowing you to optimize your applications for peak performance.
  • Enhanced Security:  Ubuntu 24.04 LTS gets a 12 year commitment for security maintenance and support. As with other long term supported releases, Noble Numbat will get five years of free security maintenance on the main Ubuntu repository. Ubuntu Pro extends that commitment to 10 years on both the main and universe repositories. Ubuntu Pro subscribers can purchase an extra two years with the Legacy Support add-on.
  • Developer Productivity: Enjoy the latest developer tools and frameworks, including Python 3.12, Ruby 3.2, PHP 8.3, Go 1.22, .NET 8, OpenJDK 21, and Rust 1.75. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS defaults to OpenJDK 21 for Java development, while still supporting versions 17, 11, and 8. Need interoperability? OpenJDK 17 and 21 are TCK certified, ensuring seamless integration with other Java platforms. For the security-conscious, Ubuntu Pro users can access a special FIPS-compliant OpenJDK 11 package. Keeping pace with the growing popularity of Rust, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS incorporates Rust 1.75 and a streamlined Rust toolchain snap framework. This empowers developers to leverage Rust in core Ubuntu packages like the kernel and Firefox, and paves the way for future Rust versions to be readily available on 24.04 LTS in the years ahead.
  • Confidential Computing: A joint effort by Intel, Google, and Canonical has resulted in Ubuntu’s integration of Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (Intel® TDX) on the Google Cloud platform. This integration streamlines the adoption of confidential computing for existing workloads. By leveraging VM isolation with Intel TDX, applications can be migrated to a secure environment without requiring any changes at the application layer.

Upgrade Your Cloud Journey Today!

With Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS on Google Cloud, you have the tools and support to take your cloud experience to the next level. Start building and deploying your applications on a secure, performant, and developer-friendly platform.

Visit the Google Cloud Console and Google Cloud Marketplace to get started with Ubuntu Pro 24.04 LTS today!

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