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Meet the Canonical Federal and DOD team at Alamo Ace 2023

We’re excited to announce our participation in Alamo Ace 2023 as Platinum Sponsors. As our collaboration with US Federal and Defense agencies is strengthening, we’re looking forward to meeting our partners and customers on-site to discuss the critical topics for 2024: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and open-source innovation.

With our commitment towards securing open source, this year, we announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro. This subscription secures an organisation’s Linux estate from OS to the application level. Pro is available on-prem, in the cloud and air-gapped environments, automating security patching, auditing, access management and compliance. For example, Ubuntu Pro delivers FIPS compliance and automation for security standards such as DISA’s Ubuntu STIG, and CIS hardening via the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG).

One of the growing concerns for 2024 is application security. Many open-source packages for applications and toolchains exist in a space with no guarantee or SLA for security patching. With Ubuntu Pro, we secure over 23,000 + open source applications.

Schedule a meeting with our DoD representative Devin Breen, or Federal representative Kelley Riggs, for an in-person discussion or a demo!

Secure Open Source with Canonical Ubuntu, NVIDIA, USAF & Platform One 

Joint Panel Discussion | November 14th 2:15, San Xavier 

Join Canonical, NVIDIA, Air Force and Platform One leadership for a compelling discussion on how trusted software ecosystems help provide visibility into security threats, mitigate supply chain attacks, and minimize the impact of zero-day vulnerabilities.

We will discuss tactical vs enterprise IT architectures and provide real-world examples of how Zero-Distance partner relationships are helping bring this trusted ecosystem and the latest AI/ML capability to the DoD. 

We will also discuss: 

  • Secure Containers – Zero-Distance Delivery to Iron Bank 
  • USAF perspective on Tactical vs Strategic Software Requirements
  • Addressing Open-Source Bug/Fix/CVE with Upstream Maintainers
  • Aligning AI with Security and Test and Evaluation – NVIDIA
  • How does software security affect hardware choices?

Ask your questions here, and we will ensure the experts cover them during the session! 

Making Ubuntu available for DOD 

Ubuntu STIG containers are now available in DOD Iron Bank. Our recent work with Platform One enabled a Zero-Distance approach where we eliminated middlemen by delivering Ubuntu containers to a trusted source for DoD consumption. 

We’ve also discussed Chiselled Ubuntu containers that benefit from combining Distroless and Ubuntu. The full recording of the talk is available below.  

AI/ML solutions for the Public Sector 

The public sector invests heavily in AI, aiming to impact real-time operational decisions and outcomes within the next 12 months. Organisations kickstarted initiatives with different use cases in mind, such as smart cities or task automation, looking for tooling that enables them to run AI at scale. 

The obvious next step to achieve these goals would be finding and integrating the right machine learning operations (MLOps) solutions,  such as Charmed Kubeflow

Kubeflow helps professionals focus on the development and deployment of machine learning models, offering security patching, user management and a wide range of integrations on top of any Kubernetes. 

Read more about AI in public sector


Join us for two security demos:

In the first demo we will demonstrate the ease of deploying secure virtual machines running FIPS kernels in public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Canonical offers FIPS-enabled images with integrated pay-as-you-go billing, allowing for easy setup and deployment.
The second demo will demonstrate its microcloud offerings by deploying secure container images from Platform One on MicroK8s, the simplest production-grade K8s. MicroK8s makes it easy to deploy high availability, pure-upstream K8s from developer workstations to production.

Schedule a meeting or in-person demo

Schedule a meeting with our DOD representative Devin Breen, or Federal representative Kelley Riggs, for an in-person discussion or a demo!


Why is Ubuntu popular with top financial institutions?

Financial institutions are increasingly pressed for agility and velocity to adapt to changing market conditions, increased customer expectations while satisfying regulatory and compliance requirements.

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