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Multi-cloud orchestration

ETSI Open Source MANO, aims to deliver an open network functions virtualization (NFV) management and orchestration (MANO) stack that can be implemented across different platforms. The platforms help in the migration of the traditional workloads to the virtualized and cloud-native environments.

OSM is the central part of these complex migrations and is now solving the hybrid infrastructure challenge in the deployments of network functions such as CNFs, VNFs, and PNFs in a single solution.

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Public cloud support

Charmed OSM Release 10 now supports plugins for the major public cloud distributions i.e. AWS and Microsoft Azure, to onboard workloads in public cloud VIMs.

Canonical provides:

  • Support for Ubuntu images for Azure/AWS cloud
  • Support for the deployment of OSM and integration with Azure/AWS
  • Support for the deployment of Telco workloads in Azure/AWS

Private cloud support

Canonical's support for setting up private networks. OpenStack, VMware and Kubernetes can be integrated with OSM to onboard the virtualized and containerized workloads respectively.

Canonical provides:

  • Support for the deployment and maintenance for Charmed OpenStack
  • Support for the deployment and maintenance for Charmed Kubernetes
  • Support for the deployment of OSM and integration with OpenStack, VMware, and K8s
  • Support for the deployment of Telco workloads in OpenStack, K8s, or VMware

SDN assist

OSM supports the EPA capabilities like Hugepages, NUMA Pinning, and use of SRIOV interfaces in VIM. SDN assist feature allows the connection to external SDN controllers by exposing and mapping these interfaces with the help of RO module. The current support includes ONOS, OpenDaylight and Floodlight.

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How to integrate multiple VIMs

osm vim-create —name <vim_name> \
                —account_type <vim_type> \
                —auth_url <vim_url> \
                —user <account_name> \
                —password <account_password> \
                —tenant <admin> \
                —description <VIM description> \
                —config '{<region_name, flavor_info, security_groups>}'
Learn more about VIM integration

Hybrid infrastructure orchestration – Magma use case

Facebook Magma has been deployed with OSM with the VIM and Kubernetes clusters. It includes the PNF (Physical Router), a VNF (magma AGW) and KNF (vEPC) which sets the example for multi/hybrid cloud orchestration.

How to migrate your multi-cloud workloads?

Canonical can help you in onboarding your hybrid infrastructure network functions to Charmed OSM. Tell us about your network functions by choosing the relevant options.

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Charmed OSM deployment support

  • Supported with Ubuntu Advantage
  • Availability of managed and professional services
  • ESM — Security updates for Ubuntu LTS for an additional year
Visti our Charmed OSM site to learn more

Network function onboarding support

  • Support for automation of the network functions
  • Support for the developments of charms for day1 and day2 operations
  • Onboarding it to Charmed OSM
Onboarding network functions ›

Charmed OSM resources