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Open source in the radio network

The biggest game changer in the telecom space

The disaggregation of RAN HW and SW speeds up innovation and allows true multi-vendor, flexible deployment based on open interfaces.

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The OpenRAN is an initiative to define and build 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G RAN solutions based on general-purpose vendor-neutral hardware, open interfaces and software.

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Vendor neutral

We work with all major hardware vendors to make optimisations

Ubuntu, Kubernetes, OpenStack, MAAS, LXD are all optimised for OpenRAN RU, CU and DU workloads thanks to our collaboration with hardware and software platform vendors.

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Deploy anywhere

Juju is designed to model hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as provide native support for containers (KVM, LXD), container management (Kubernetes), networking/firewalls, and storage.

Juju allows you to deploy, configure, manage, maintain, and scale cloud applications on all of these substrates.

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Clean, composable operators

Do one thing and do it well

Juju operator integration allows us to keep each operator as simple as possible, then compose them to create rich application graph topologies that support complex scenarios with a simple, consistent experience and much less YAML. The UNIX philosophy of ‘doing one thing well’ applies to large-scale operations code too, and the benefits of clarity and reuse are exactly the same. Small is beautiful.

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Open source security

More than Linux. Security and compliance for the full stack.

Secure your open source apps. Patch the full stack, from kernel to library and applications, for CVE compliance. Governments and auditors certify Ubuntu for FedRAMP, FISMA and HITECH.

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Full stack, one price

Security, support and managed open source for enterprises with Ubuntu Advantage

Ubuntu Advantage is a single, per-node package of the most comprehensive enterprise security and support for open source infrastructure and applications, with managed service offerings available.

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Globally trusted by leading service providers

Innovate in telecommunications with Canonical

The experts in open source operations, from cloud to devices are waiting to help you on your journey.

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